Sugino Machine Limited - Praha o.z. the branch of Japanese company Sugino Machine Limited, established on September 2005, offers some of the finest manufacturing equipment available on the market today. With its roots established back in 1936, Sugino is pleased to offer reliable, high quality products, which are separated into nine main categories:

Selfeeder Drilling and Tapping, CNC Machining Centers and Modules, Superoll Roller Burnishing Tools, High Pressure Washing and Deburring, Drying parts, Tube Expanders and Accessories, UH Liquid Pressure Tube Expansion, Watter Jet Cutters, Atomization.

Sugino specializes in development, production, sales and service.


Drilling and Tapping

Drilling and tapping is performed in ranging from large diameters to small diameters with high degree of accuracy.

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CNC Machining Centers and Modules

Sugino designs and manufactures innovative equipment that meets the needs of today’s manufacturing environment.

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Burnishing and Deburring Tools

Superoll burnishing tools are designed for polishing of various materials such as soft aluminum up to hardened steel parts. Mechanical deburring tool holders Barriquan.

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Washing and Deburring Machines

Washing and deburring of parts are performed using ultrahigh-pressure and super precision technology.

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Drying parts

Air blowing and vacuum pumps are used to dry parts after cleaning.

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Tube Expanders & Accessories

We design and manufacture all of the different tools that are needed for the tube expansion process.

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UH liquid Pressure Tube Expansion

Tools and equipment for fixing heat exchanger tubes to tube sheets.

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Water Jet Cutters

Cutting is performed for various materials, such as metal, stone, composite materials, and rubber, by ultrahigh-pressure water jet.

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Utilizing ultrahigh-pressure technology and precision technology to produce high quality particles.

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